Fifth Sunday of Lent Homily – March 26, 2023

Fifth Sunday in Lent (A) 2023


“Untie Him”

We have these ropes for the servers’ albs. They have to be tied in a knot.

It’s hilarious to watch. Kids today cannot tie a knot!!

Besides that, I got to say:

Many of us adults are:
Tied up or
Tied down!
Think about it….

• the huge responsibilities to raise families,
• taking care of aging parents,
• Being responsible to our bosses who may be demanding…
……………the pressures are real for many of us and so we feel tied up!

Many times, when we are TIED UP WITH MANY PRESSURES.
How do we get UN-TIED???
How does a Christian feel “free” and “unrestricted” in a world that constantly pulls at us and TIES US UP!

So, getting UN-TIED, how does this happen???

Well, getting un-tied I believe takes a MINDSET, and that mindset is:
God has work for us.

God needs you and me in our world to “work” for Him.

Lazarus was still needed in the world; thus GOD untied him to do His work.


Each one of us has been created for a purpose while we are on this earth. We each have diverse and unique gifts and they’ve been given to us to use while we live.

We have work to do; the Lord needs us and doesn’t want any part of us tied down by those things, attitudes, or behaviors that will prevent us from getting His work done.

Let’s all embrace that MINDEST:

We are the Lord’s and He has work for us to do!

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