11/19/17 – Mission Statement & Fatima

Dear Parishioners,

Love God. Make Disciples. Through Mary. This is our parish mission statement. This is the reason to be a parish church community at Immaculate Heart of Mary. It should be understood by all as a reason one chooses to be a member of IHM. For example; “I belong to IHM, to express my love for God by attending Mass and sometimes partaking in the other spiritual activities to deepen my love for Him”. Or, “I have belonged to IHM for several years now and I have been able, by my example and by my own words, to bring others to IHM church and have them become members!” Or, “I like belonging to a church that cares about service and social justice”. These are but a few.

So much of what goes on here responds to that mission statement. Our staff efforts are trying to bring you Mintos by WomenInvesting to a deeper relationship with the church. We desire for you an ability to “talk about God and Jesus to others”. We are committed to that mission of helping you see yourselves acting as intentional missionary disciples for the church because of your prayerful understanding of who Jesus is and why he came to earth: “Go and make disciples of all nations”! We see that happening in the parish.

Recently a parishioner came to me to discuss a new opportunity for the parish, young and old that embraces our mission statement. It is partly an educational opportunity for all and a spiritual one. It’s central focus is to daily pray for peace in the world; for all hearts that are hardened, psychologically damaged, terrorist afflicted, and abusive to human beings become changed.

The new opportunity stems back into history from the appearance of the Blessed Mother in Fatima asking the world to daily pray the rosary with a direct intention that peace enters the heart of all people that could stop any kind of madness in the world.


When I was assigned to Immaculate Heart of Mary I immediately wondered about our parish name and if parishioners knew that it was at Fatima that this title for Mary came about when she appeared and spoke to the three children, Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco. The church acknowledges the reality of this appearance, her title, as she so proclaimed, and her message that we pray the rosary daily. Love God. Make Disciples. Through Mary.

So, in conversation with the Parish Council and the parish staff we like the insurancespecialists request to pray the rosary daily which can be done at your own time and place, and to “dedicate” some space on our church vestibule bulletin boards with current and correct information about this appearance at Fatima and its message. We feel education of this historical occurrence needs to be in the hands of parishioners and future parishioners.

“I like belonging to a parish that wants to form my heart into a peaceful heart while praying the rosary daily for all hearts to find peace”.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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