“Listen to Him” – Second Sunday of Lent


-There’s a cute commercial on TV that I have seen a couple of times…it’s an ad for choosing between chocolate milk TRUMOO and white milk and it shows a red devil and a white angel both speaking to the person the pros and cons of TRUMOO chocolate and white milk causing the person to ponder…who do I listen to?

I believe all of us have the challenge of: who do we listen to?

-There are a ton of FASHION MAGAZINES and there are FASHION PINTEREST BOARDS that you and I can look over to determine “our fashion look” providing us with choices after choices! Who do we listen to?

-According to the PEW RESEARCH CENTER SURVEY Americans are now getting their NEWS more ONLINE than on TV and no matter who we watch or read it offers varying NEWS for us to believe. Who do we listen to?

-Then there is YOU TUBE watching which is phenomenally HIGH and one can view so many differing sentiments and attitudes of how to live life! Who do we choose to listen to?

The church question I see for you and me is:

“Are we listening to the right voices?”

We experience JESUS today … as he is TRANSFIGURED he is “conversing “with MOSES and ELIJAH.

When Peter sees this he exclaims:

“Okay……….let’s put up a tent for all three of you…one Jesus, one for Moses, and one for Elijah!”

That was pretty nice of him!!

But what happens after this offer of the tents is:

A cloud comes

As the cloud dissipates… Jesus then appears… ALONE!

What I see this to mean is: He’s the one to listen to! Sure we have the stories of Moses and the TEN COMMANDMENTS and all the prophecies of the OLD TESTAMENT, but Jesus is now the NEW LAW. Jesus is now the NEW PROPHET!

Catholics need to take more seriously the opportunity to LISTEN TO CHRIST. He’s the one voice for you and me.

We do spend a lot of time listening to a lot of voices each day and ONE OF THEM SHOULD BE the voice of JESUS.

You do know there are certain postures to praying at home so one can LISTEN ????

Spiritual directors promote:

• A specific chair to use at home
• Feet grounded on the floor
• Kneeling with head bowed
• Asking the HOLY SPIRIT at the first moment you are going to pray ….… to open my mind and ears to CHRIST
• Having an ambience with a candle, or icon, or cross, even incense

I can hear you now….. “You gotta be kiddin’ me!!

“Don’t you know what it’s like raising kids?”

or “having two jobs”, and your comments go on….….

All that I know is… a miracle happens when you give yourself to Christ… even a little bit of time each day.

And it could be while you’re driving in the car, as I hear often, but, “setting your stage” so to speak, is pretty rewarding, too!

AGAIN, why in the world would I be suggesting this in the homily???

Well it’s right here… GOD SAID:

“This is my beloved Son, LISTEN TO HIM!”

Who do you suppose that was directed too?
ANSWER…. the first church and we are its descendants.

The one voice to listen to my friends, is CHRIST’S.

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