Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – August 7, 2022

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time C 2022

INTRO: The story of the Blacksmith
By Megan McKenna

There was once a BLACKSMITH who worked hard at his trade. The day came for him to die. God sent His angel to the blacksmith, but, to the angel’s surprise……. the blacksmith refused to go!!!!!!

He pleaded with the angel that he was the only blacksmith in the village, and it was time for all his neighbors to begin their planting and sowing….

The blacksmith did not want to appear to be ungrateful and he was looking forward to his place in the kingdom, but……could he put it off for a while!!!????
The angel took his case to God and God agreed!

Sometime later, after the harvest…. the angel again appeared to the blacksmith to bring him to God’s Kingdom.
But again, the blacksmith requested that his return to God kingdom be DELAYED!!!???

He explained that a neighbor of his was seriously ill and he and several others were trying to save his crops so that the family would not be destitute. I am glad God wants me, but could He come for me later????

Well, this became a pattern… every time the angel came for the blacksmith…. The blacksmith would shake his head and say he was needed by someone on earth.

Finally, the BLACKSMITH himself grew OLD AND TIRED and he prayed to God to send His angel to bring him to heaven.

Immediately the ANGEL appeared.

The blacksmith said…. If you still want to, I am now ready to live forever in God’s kingdom!

The angel looked at the blacksmith with delight and surprise:
“Where do you think you have been all these years?
You have been living in GOD’S KINGDOM!”

And so ……. What is living in God’s Kingdom here on earth for you and me?

It is truly and wholeheartedly:

Seeking out those who could NEED YOU.

That is yours and my MAIN TREASURE and pleasure! It is how Jesus tried to form in His followers…. Not to trust material things and wealth as your treasure and pleasure in His kingdom here on earth, but,

Taking care of those who NEED YOU and your talents, assistance, and support.

And there are plenty of people, neighbors, immigrants, indigents, and the elderly
who need you and me to make living in God’s Kingdom a treasure and a pleasure!

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