Palm Sunday Homily – April 2, 2023



A number of years ago I took horseback riding lessons with my brother on our day off.

And, one day, as it could only happen to me, while in the arena as I was trying to “canter”, outside the arena there was a truck delivery using the “backup feature that had a horn beep sound” which in turn scared the horse and the horse began to rear with me in the saddle. I did everything I could to HANG ON AND NOT LET GO OF THE REINS. When all settled down, I dismounted…..and never road again!

Whether any one of us is good or not at horseback riding we all know that HOLDING ON to the reins WILL lead us to where we want to go.

AND…..To hold on TO GOD in life is the message as we begin HOLY WEEK 2023.
Jesus held on to His Father will so that he could complete the work which he came to perform.

He’s the model for holding on to God.

In the Passion reading we heard about the apostles, struggling in their abilities to HOLD ON TO GOD.

Matthew’s Passion reading says: “Then all the disciples LEFT HIM AND FLED!”

Obviously, they didn’t hold on. They fled!

I am blessed to know so many of you and there are some of you who have had some really BIG THINGS with which to juggle in life.

Our message says: HOLD ON TO GOD, DON’T FLEE. And I am not oblivious to how difficult this may be, especially with this world situation. But you and I are managing and doing it well!!! With patient endurance we continue to HOLD ON to God


Embrace this HOLY WEEK with all the beautiful services to help you HOLD ON TO GOD

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