Palm Sunday Homily – March 24, 2024

Palm Sunday (B) 2024

INTRO: Saint Peter’s Basilica is HUGE! Everything inside likewise……. HUGE in size. It’s awesome to behold and I was fortunate in 2008 to spend a considerable three month sabbatical in Rome and I visited this wonderful Basilica MANY, MANY, TIMES!
I want to point out that the Altar of sacrifice, under the famous bronze Bernini columns, is positioned in such a way that when the Pope celebrates Mass he is stared at by FOUR HUGE STATUES.
1. Saint Andrew
2. St. Helena
3. St. Veronica
4. St. Longinus
Each of these saints experienced Christ’s crucifixion in a unique way.
*Saint Andrew, as an apostle was martyred by crucifixion except his crucifixion was upside down!
*Saint Helena brought from Constantinople the TRUE relics of the cross to Rome keeping them safe from warfare.
*Saint Veronica wiped the face of Jesus as he made his way to crucifixion.
*Saint Longinus was the centurion, who speared our Lord’s side while dying on the cross. Blood and water flowed from Christ’s side, BAPTIZING this ROMAN CENTURION with the water and bathing him in blood as he would likewise be martyred for his changed beliefs in CHRIST!
“Truly He is the Son of God”

Hearing this PASSION STORY reminds us all of our gifted salvation through the great SACRIFICE OF JESUS.
You are loved, even before you were born, and desired by the Creator God to be forgiven from sins and allowed entrance into heaven back with Him but only achieved through Jesus’s passion, death on the cross, and the resurrection.

Take advantage of this HOLY WEEK, to experience the different liturgies:
Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on HOLY THURSDAY,
The Passion of the Lord on Good Friday, at 3pm and the Easter Vigil on Saturday.

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