Pastor Letter – Angel Scholarship – Emailed December 16, 2022

Dear Parishioners (who still pay State of Ohio taxes),

BE AN ANGEL! I am very aware of the many requests for donations that all of us receive, and sometimes for many of us daily through the mail from various religious communities and civil organizations! Everywhere there is much-needed financial assistance for operations. Even, I ask you for financial assistance.

Well, I do not want to miss out on gaining some more financial assistance from you. If I do not ask, then IHM will not receive.

BE AN ANGEL is a win-win request from me if you financially contribute to THE ANGEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND at the diocesan CATHOLIC COMMUNITY FOUNDATION! Call 216-902-1312 or ONLINE

TAKE SPECIAL NOTE that a donation made before December 31, 2022, will reduce your Ohio income tax liability on a dollar-for-dollar basis! This is unusually good. Money that ordinarily would have been owed to the State of Ohio by you can be re-directed to fund Catholic education scholarships! An amazing opportunity for you and for Catholic education.

Your Ohio State tax will be reduced by the amount of your donation to THE ANGEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND, made by December 31, 2022, and you can direct your donation to the private school of your choosing, such as: IHM Grade School or any private Catholic High school of your choice, which in turn will assist students attending those schools who have a financial need.

If you are filing taxes separately, a donation to THE ANGEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND can only be a donation up to $750.00 and if filing jointly your donation can be up to $1,500.00.

Because of the 2021 new Ohio tax legislation allowing your Ohio State tax liability to be reduced and re-directed to assist private education, our diocese created this ANGEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND. From now on, annual donations made, year after year, to the ANGEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND, reduces your personal or jointly Ohio State tax liability and Catholic education receives financial assistance. Again, it’s a win-win!

So instead of paying your total state tax liability by April 15, 2023, consider donating to this ANGEL SCHALARSHIP FUND NOW and before December 31, 2022. That way, instead of all your money going to the State of Ohio some of it can go to support Catholic Education.

Imagine the good you can do each year for Catholic education when you can re-direct your Ohio State tax liability with this amazing new Ohio State tax legislation.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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