Pastor Letter – Car Raffle Tickets – Emailed October 21, 2022

Dear IHM Parishioners,

Thank you to those who have supported the school’s Car Raffle fundraiser, both this year and in years past. We are mid-way through this year’s campaign. You have probably noticed the 2022 Ford EcoSport on display in front of the church.

Should you be the lucky winner on December 3rd, you will have the choice between the new car OR $15,000. In the midst of record inflation, this would be a nice reward! Details can be found on our website at

Please consider purchasing a chance to win the car or cash. Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased in the rectory during normal business hours. If you purchase or sell 5 tickets this month or next, your name will be in a monthly drawing for $500.

As enrollment is at a new high this year, your help is needed to keep IHM School an affordable option for our families. All proceeds will support school operations, which is what will keep tuition increases as low as possible.

If you have already purchased tickets, thank you very much. If you have not, please consider supporting IHM School through the Car Raffle.

Many blessings,

Father Jim

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