Pastor Letter – Live Stream Thank You – Emailed January 6, 2023

Dear Parishioners,

As the new year begins, I am so grateful for your continued fidelity to making sure your offertory gets to us, especially when some of you are remaining home and live-streaming Mass due to COVID, age, and individual health concerns. You amazingly mail in or drop off these envelopes and for this I am most grateful. Thank you sincerely.

The live streaming continues to be available (I know there have been some technical problems in the past and we continue to work through these) and we can identify how many are watching. For instance, on Christmas Eve at the 430pm mass, not only was there a full church but over four hundred viewers! Christmas Eve at 10:30pm there was a smaller attendance in church but 170 viewers! I feel blessed that IHM can be united in this prayer whether in person or at home. We will continue to do our best and improve this technological wonder! Make a special prayer for our wonderful technicians who oversee this week after week.

I am also very blessed with a talented and service-oriented staff at IHM. We all continue to want to assist and serve you. Never be afraid to call or ask for anything.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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