Pastor Letter – Principal Announcement – Emailed May 22, 2023

Dear Parishioners, Faculty, Staff, and Rectory Personnel,

I am pleased to announce that I have selected BIBIANA SEISLOVE for the next principal minister for Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Elementary School. She, too, is most excited to minister as a principal and following Kathy Friess, who has done an excellent job for ten years.

Bibiana and Kathy have been professional friends for several years. Bibiana has completed twenty-seven (27) years of teaching, while eight (8) of those years serving as either an Assistant Principal or Principal.

Bibiana signed her annual contract with IHM, and she has been nothing but smiles. She served at IHM Elementary School as a teacher back in 2006 through 2010. When she left at that time, she humbly said; “I know our paths will cross again”!

Please welcome BIBIANA SEISLOVE!

Many blessings,

Father Jim

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