Solemnity of Mary Homily – January 1, 2023

New Year’s Day Homily 2023


My mom was a lot of fun to be with.

My dad and she made many church friends …. And ….
She had many “girlfriends” and socialized a lot with them.

She was friendly to all… had this job “at the front desk” of our county library. It was perfect for her… as she could see everyone and talk with them kindly! She was good at that!

AS a good MOM she would say to us kids….

“When you are at school, there is always going to be a classmate that is ALL ALONE. Make sure at recess YOU pay attention to them and befriend them!”

Today the CHURCH calls this day:
MARY, the Holy Mother of God!

So, it is not unusual to think about “mothers” ….
We are important Catholics in this busy world of ours because we are “a mother of God” in and of ourselves. Within us is GOD’S POWER for us to use in society….to make the world more peaceful, better… like mothers and fathers.

There are so many all around us that NEED a smile, a kind word, and paid attention to, just as ANY MOTHER (and father) COULD DO, especially during this crazy time of COVID-19!

So, this is a new year, 2023 and it is in this Christmas season that LIGHT SHINES IN THE DARKNESS and the DARKNESS CANNOT PUT IT OUT!

Many children are afraid of the dark… even some adults???

My brother and I shared a bedroom and BOTH OF US were afraid of the dark!

In those days there were not “plug-in” NITE LIGHTS, but what our mother did was to turn off our bedroom lights and ALMOST closed our bedroom door, but, turned on the hallway light. From our darkness we understood something clearly at last and were COMFORTED.


See and or believe that the LIGHT is shining in these 2023 days of remaining “darkness”, confusion, pandemic, vaccines, and masks.

God is with us!


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