The Jeweler – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)


A young man sought a job position with a MASTER JEWELER. He wanted to become an expert “gemologist” as well, BUT the MASTER JEWELER brushed him off, assuming that the applicant was too young to have the patience demanded to learn the craft.
The young man PLEADED for a chance.
The JEWELER finally relented:
“Be here tomorrow”!

The next morning the MASTER JEWELER places a beautiful, expensive JADE STONE in the boy’s hand and told him to study it!

The JEWELER then went about his work, cutting weighing, and setting precious stones.

All day long the boy sat quietly, and waited, holding the stone.
The following morning the JEWELER again placed the jade stone in the boy’s hand and told him hold it. On the third, fourth, and fifth days, the JEWELER repeated the exercise and the instructions.

Finally on the sixth day…the young boy blurted out:

“When am I going to learn something?”
“You will learn in time.”

Several more days and the young boy was getting more and more impatient simply holding the stone!

One morning as the MASTER JEWELER beckoned for the boy to hold out his hand, the boy almost said that he could no longer continue, but, as the stone touched his fingers, the young man exclaimed:
“Hey wait; this is not the same stone!”
The MASTER JEWELER peered over his glasses, smiled and said:
“Ah, now you have begun to learn!”

In today’s Gospel the apostles are invited to LOOK AND SEE who is before them…… to recognize who it is in their midst!

SAMUEL, in the Old Testament reading, also, has to recognize who it is in his midst speaking to him!

The same is extended to each of us as we say AMEN to what is placed into our hands at Mass …. To recognize the real presence of JESUS CHRIST in the forms of bread and wine.

And what that means is: we are to
DETECT all that is valuable in the human beings that are all around us. This is our prime duty and the obligation put on all of us today.

We are to hold precious all human beings; this is a social justice message, especially in our own present times ………

……. just as that young boy held onto the precious jade stone, getting its feel for difference, yet, not letting go of it, but, appreciating it. He knew the difference and didn’t let go of it…..

It is so easy to “let go” of the human beings that do not think as we do, dress as we do, live life as we do.

We are Catholics….. But, the new wording for us, the new title for us is now INTENTIONAL DISCIPLES…..

We are to think of ourselves as Cephas or Peter, Andrew, James, John and Mary ………. Living our lives as Jesus called us to do and that means living without prejudices, or biases, holding all people as precious!
CONCLUSION: After receiving communion today quietly repeat the words of Samuel…….

“Speak Lord, for your servant is listening!”

God wants you and me to hold precious ALL HUMAN BEINGS.

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