Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily – October 15, 2023

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) 2023


Do you always wear the right thing?

You all look nice today…. BUT are you wearing the right outfits??????

The wedding banquet story in Matthew’s gospel has this UNIQUE confrontation of the generous KING with a guest not wearing the “right thing” or the “correct outfit” according to the KING!

It might seem trite but let us look at that.

For Scripture scholars, the right clothing in THIS story suggests and affirms the right attitude, the joy-filled thankful heart, and the excited participation of following the attitude and ways of JESUS!!
CORRECT CLOTHING = following the CHRISTIAN way of life, Christ’s new teachings.

THE LACK OF CORRECT CLOTHING = apathy in doing what Jesus has called us to do – live in His imitation!
OUR KING expects us to wear the right outfits every day, living in God’s ways.


We all should have:
1. The coat of love … sounds corny, but it is the coat we put on to be able to love all others in society, the outcasts, the immigrants, and the poor. Jesus came for the poor, sinners, outcasts and when we ONLY spend time together with our own “circle” and not embrace a larger inclusive circle (especially in our thoughts: political and humanitarian) then we are not wearing the right coat… We are not correctly dressed.

How about a head cover for this wedding banquet?
2. We are to wear the crown of thorns!

When we have been diagnosed with:
-unexpected losses, and
-difficult changes in our lifestyles, anything that is hurting our emotions……
for our own redemptive suffering, we are to place upon our heads and ENDURE the crown of thorns!

3. And lastly, we are to put on the sandals of exploration and adventure. Yes, Jesus wants us to walk in His footsteps. We are to go where He is calling us.

It becomes our excited desire to walk in His ways.


So, my friends…are you wearing the right clothes today?

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