Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily – September 24, 2023

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) 2023


Growing up with siblings…I am sure you all experienced it …. THE OLDER ONES always got privileges!!!
*Like staying up later
*Or staying out LONGER

It is so typical that the younger would say:
“This isn’t fair!!!”

Well, obviously the impression that things are not fair was happening in JESUS’S day…. People wanted EQUAL PAY, screaming THIS ISN’T FAIR!!!

BUT this story has nothing to do with labor management relations.

This Gospel is meant to take our breath away and ask WHAT KIND OF GOD DO WE HAVE who goes out of His way to FIND PEOPLE who need an embrace, who need to be held up in society, and to offer the sustenance of His great MERCY, treating all equally. EVERYONE got the same pay!!!

This is to be OUR WAY OF LIFE, TOO…………. We are to imitate God:
To stop judging others for:
• Who they are.
• What they believe
• How they act
• What color of skin do they have?

AND embrace our brothers and sisters, hold up all others as equal in our society.


We are called to be merciful, loving human beings, resting in God’s mercy, and offering that same mercy equally to ALL people.

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