Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily – September 11, 2022

24th Sunday Ord Time 2022 C


There was a story that circulated about Pope Francis.

As it is told, after his election, Pope Francis decided to live not in the PAPAL PALACE, but, in a much simpler home.

He got up early one morning and opened the door to his room to find a Swiss Guard standing at attention. The Pope asked the man how long he had been standing there, and the Guard answered, “ALL NIGHT, HOLY FATHER.”

The Pope brought out a chair and told the guard to sit down because he must be tired. When the Guard responded that it was against the rules, the Pope responded, “I am the Pope, JUST sit.”

The Guard uncomfortably took his seat and the Pope returned to his room. A few moments later, he came out with bread and jam for the Guard and wished him, “bon appetito!”

In this weekend’s Gospel we are instructed to be on the lookout, not necessarily for a SWISS GUARD or a lost sheep or a lost coin, but for:

God’s kindness towards US when we repent!

While the POPE was on the lookout to EXPRESS a kindness, we are meant to be on the lookout to EXPERIENCE THE KINDNESS of GOD.

? When was the last time you experienced the kindness of God?

The “hero” in this GOSPEL story is GOD who is incredibly KIND and graciously rejoices when:
we repent from a sinful way, when
we finally get rid of “THAT” which we habitually fall into.

EVERYONE of us has that ONE repetitious act, that bad habit of doing this or that …. that we pray about to NOT KEEP DOING.

That habitual SIN we do is symbolized in the GOSPEL today as one BEING LOST from all the other coins or all the other sheep!

Or in other words, being lost from the community of GOD’S kingdom on earth. It is true that when we sin, we are broken away from the community until we repent! We are considered lost.

There is NO EASY WAY to change ourselves from sinning. Sin is part of our human condition. When we confess, we CAN experience the kindness of God, who REJOICES at one repentant sinner!

May your sharing in the BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST TODAY initiate within you an opportunity for you to experience the kindness of God who rejoices at ONE repentant sinner!

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