Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily – August 28, 2022

22nd Sunday in Ordinary time (C) 2022

INTRO: Everyone had a certain place at our dinner table. I was always seated to the right hand of my father and my brother was next to me. It is what we did in those years.

It seems to me that is the same for your seats in our church building. Everyone has THEIR PLACE!!?? RIGHT???

Today (TONIGHT) I do not want you worried about “selective seating” at the dinner table or in this church building.

While this Gospel proclaims such by the HOST choosing who is to sit up close or who is not, this story is ALSO about GOD (the ultimate host) who has called the blind the lame, the crippled and the poor to gather around a banquet table which is correctly understood as this altar of sacrifice for receiving the earthly banquet of His BODY & BLOOD.

Tonight (today) we are the blind, the lame, the crippled and the poor at the banquet of the MASS.

Think about it as we sit here in church (or are watching from home)
1. Sometimes we do not see everything clearly about our brothers and sisters, BLIND
2. Sometimes we do not walk toward someone, but more so run away from them because they do not think like we do, LAME
3. Sometimes we are crippled in our ability to follow all the laws of the church, CRIPPLED and
4. Sometimes we lack gratitude for what we have always looking for more. THE POOR

I do not mean to be harsh, but we are imperfect people every single day of our life. We mess up, and yet we are still served by our gracious host this marvelous feast for our salvation!


That is the good news for this MASS. God serves us where we are and takes us into His love no matter what we have done.

While we still need to daily work on our imperfections, we have a God who provides.

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