Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily – October 8, 2023

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)


I am not sure how much you know about the SAINTS, and I have to say I could use a class on the Lives of the Saints, but I do remember some “tid-bits” about many saints.

Saint Catherine of Siena is considered a DOCTOR of the CHURCH…she was brilliant in her understanding of theology.

Anyway…….as a DOCTOR of the Church, she writes about each person’s Christian responsibility to live in the world!

Each of us has a CHRIST-LIKE RESPONSIBILITY in the Church,

But, just like MATTHEW the Gospel writer today, Catherine also refers to the church as a VINEYARD. It is referred to as a place for workers! It represents working in the KINGDOM OF GOD as we live in this world.
All of us have a responsibility working in the vineyard or living in the kingdom of God.

As this Gospel is about God’s vineyard, we must remember that this earth is GOD’S, and so we live in God’s land.

And I like that part… this is GOD’S LAND!
Jesus teaches us that while we are placed in God’s land here on earth we are supposed to:

I. Have a good relationship with each other.
II. To not KILL each other
III. To respect all races


So, our teaching today is that everything we have is GOD’S.

And this vineyard story is our Catholic attitude to thank Him for our piece of the God’s vineyard. And thanking him is best seen as acting like Him.

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